Best Live Wedding Bands Music in NYC NY CT NJ – Robbie Scott & The New Deal Orchestra

Music at most wedding receptions is handled by a live band. Hiring a live band can provide newlyweds a lot of advantages. Wedding bands understand how to captivate and get the audience engaged in many ways. Typically, music played from live wedding bands are of better quality than the pre-recorded music heard from DJ’s. A seasoned wedding band understands how to make your reception, wedding and dinner memorable for the newlyweds and their guests.

Best Live Wedding Bands Music in NYC NY CT NJ - Robbie Scott & The New Deal Orchestra

When looking to choose and hire a live wedding band for your reception, wedding and dinner, there are several important factors to consider before choosing the best wedding band to hire. Some of these key factors may include:

Budget:- Weddings can be very expensive. You may think your budget is not large enough to entertain a live professional wedding band. You may consider hiring a small band since they may charge you a lower rate or, if you discover a live wedding band you really like than try to negotiate a rate that will fit within your budget The live wedding band from The New Deal Orchestra lead by Robbie Scott is that type of a wedding band that will be more flexible to accommodate your budget.

Band Reputation:- Though budget is an important factor to consider when hiring a live wedding band, you still have to look into the reputation of the live wedding band before engaging their services. Do some research to find out how professional the band is, and if they will really provide good value for your money. You can go online to review their website, reads previous clients testimonials the live wedding band performed for previously. Robbie Scott & The New Deal Orchestra has played at the White House for two Presidents of the United States and many more known customers in the public eye. With The New Deal Orchestra you will receive a 5 Star live Wedding Band for Two Star Prices. This is a great live wedding band to fit any reasonable budget.

The Band’s Playlist:- Make sure the live wedding band can accommodate your wedding and reception playlist wish list. Wedding receptions are all about fun with dancing and celebrating the special occasion with the bride and groom. It would be best to have a live wedding band that looks professional, sounds amazing and plays music that gets people up on the dance floor as well as a live wedding band to accommodate song requests.

Band Space:- Some venues only have room for a 3 piece band, while others can easily hold a 9 piece band. It’s worth taking the time to talk with the venue managers to make sure there are no sound restrictions in place that would prohibit a live band, and even ask about the configurations that have worked successfully at their venue in the past.

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